Tuesday, October 13, 2009

First time for everything

Luckily for me, first time blogging doesn't hurt, won't get me labelled and isn't going to cost me a thing- other than my internet connection. Luckily, because it means that i can spend the little money i have on the thrill of new purchases. Clothing, shoes, bags and trinkets. And let’s be honest, there isn't exactly handfuls of it going around at the moment. But for those who have more fashion than blood running through their veins it just means that shopping is going to require a higher level of concentration. To be specific, only buying “need” items, staples like basics and necessities. No, the fuchsia singlet at target doesn’t count. And no, skimping on underwear to save a few dollars isn’t acceptable. I mean basic basics. Black, white and grey. Spending all of your money on the cute floral dress at the local shops isn’t going to be the best investment. Finding one at a bargain price on the other hand, will render much better returns. Consider this: in 3 months time when something else is the next MHI, and you’re $89 short to buy it, you’ll be on eBay trying to sell it faster than Russel Brand changes girlfriends.

However, when Balmain’s new runway collection features several varieties of a military jacket, and the power blazer is released soon after, you can be sure than it’s going to be a solid investment when you find a good quality one at a price you can afford. Not only because it featured in their runway, but because a solid blazer jacket will always work with a mini, with dress pants or even jeans and a tee and that’s off the top of my head without stretching my imagination. The key here is buying one that will stand the test of time. Nothing too flamboyant. Nothing too basic. One that you can rummage out of your well organised wardrobe in 3, 5 and 8 years time knowing that you’ll be able to work it with a selection of other items.

And as always, accessories need to be strategically placed in order to maximise the look you’re after. Too many and you look like you’ve spent too long in grandma’s jewellery box. Too little and you’ll look like you’ve forgone food and all other basic needs in order to pay for it. Simple earrings’, studs maybe, with a long detailed necklace. Or maybe some oversized hoops with piled bangles. Proportion is key here. You don’t want to hit the streets looking like a gypsy (unless you’re after that look). You want to step out knowing you look better than woman serving at the retail store or the one having a late with her girlfriends. Unless you haven’t realised, walking into the local boutique in trackies and messy hair won’t get you super service. It’ll get you down-the-nose looks and she-probably-can’t-afford-this thoughts. And though that may be correct, it’s no one’s business but yours. Because you’re wearing the sharp blazer jacket with stud earrings’ and the one-of-a-kind necklace you picked up at the market.

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